Why work with us

Beth Boone Loves People. She sincerely loves helping people, especially those looking for health insurance. Determining the needs of a family comes from a place of compassion and a commitment to be thorough. Subsidies and options are presented in a neutral manner with the intent to find which plan serves the family best.

In her first career, Beth spent more than 30 years as a social worker. She knows the federal, state and local resources and what it takes to qualify for each. She will educate you on these resources and walk with you as you complete the applications.

Beth Boone Insurance

At Beth Boone Insurance, we simplify finding your family's perfect health insurance plan to one easy step:
letting us help you! Rest easy knowing that you have the best plan at the best price.


Our Process

Beth Boone Insurance ACA Marketplace Medicare
Complete a thorough needs assessment
Determine Subsidy Estimate
Determine Eligibility for Special Programs
Find Plan Options
Present Options
Answer Questions
Complete the Enrollment

All of this at no cost and no-obligation.