Beth is a good listener. She helps when I have questions and always knows the details and how to answer. She is honest and really helps me.

Olga L.

I know Beth Boone to be very Respectful and connected to benefits that best suit the person looking to sign up for medical plans. She is knowledgeable, honest, and very KIND. She will help you with what is best for You. 🌸

Flora B.

I would like to offer a review for Beth Boone. Her help in coordinating an Insurance plan that works best for me made my changes from my previous plan pain free. I told her what I needed and what my issues were. She listened she researched got back with me followed up and it was a breeze for me. She was so helpful and still is ! In my experience this year with her I have experienced what I call the best help and most knowledgeable help. When we talk I feel like I'm her only customer. I'm sure she's taking notes. She hears the concerns I have and offers me the best help. She's resourceful and the list goes on and on. She's very kind, a great listener always repeats back to me what she believes I'm talking about so that she has it correct and we go from there, and anytime I need to discuss any concern she gets right with me even if she's busy with another person she'll text me and tell me when she'll be available so communication is key and she's an excellent communicator. She always makes me feel like I'm her priority. I can tell that she has integrity and has a sincere desire to help people and won't compromise on truth! Excellent service.


Before we turned 65 we had received a huge amount of information about Medicare. We were overwhelmed. When we discovered that Beth had started her business, we were overjoyed. Knowing her to be honest and reliable with a caring attitude, we knew she would take care of us. She listened to what our needs were and spent the time to make sure that she found the very best options for each of us. She did not use a ‘one size fits all’ approach. She has always been very responsive to our questions. We look forward to working with her for many more years.

Tricia B.

Beth Boone has been very helpful to our clients, she's very reliable and always looking for what's best for our clients.

Areli Lujan
Director at Andrews Food Pantry, Beth

I have known and worked with Beth Boone for 4-5 years. She is always approachable and kind. She is very knowledgeable and has been a great resource for me. Beth always looked out for my best interest and was happy to help me move forward and grow. She has a huge heart and loves to share it with everyone she can help.

Litina G.